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The Daisycutters: Well Stated.

16 December 2002 | 1:00 am | Eden Howard
Originally Appeared In

Cutter To The Chase.

The Daisycutters launch The State I’m In with an early set at The Healer on Wednesday.

Gold Coast act The Daisycutters are instantly striking. There’s no escaping the infectiousness of their sound or the enthusiasm with which they make it. That said, their new EP The State I’m In deserves to take the band somewhere huge with it’s irritatingly catchy and shamelessly hook laden guitar pop.

“I don’t have a copy myself yet,” confesses bassist Giles. “I’ve got so many dummy copies lying around that it makes up for it, I guess. Half done copies with only a couple of songs mastered, and I’ve heard all the songs so many times. But after working on it for so long it does feel to have a finished copy in your hands.”

The last few months have been a busy time for the band, with an extensive touring schedule cutting into the time they had set aside for the production of the disc.

“We’ve had a busy year. The last record Sick Day came out in August last year, and we were pretty busy after that. We did a fairly large tour with Diana Ah Naid, then Shutterspeed and then with Killing Heidi after that. We only had a certain amount of time, and we wanted to do an album, but we thought we’d better release something to keep the vibe going. We decided in August to work on this for the rest of the year, but it wasn’t quiet at all… A whole heap of gigs came along, and we’ve been flat out for the last two months.”

The Daisycutters have also had their music featured on the soundtrack to the TV series The Secret Life Of Us, as well as the movie Blurred and numerous Gold Coast productions and surf films.

“Cam’s got a publishing deal through Mushroom, so whatever he writes or the band writes the look at anyway,” Giles explains of their screen presence. “But a lot surf video and stake stuff, we all live on the Gold Coast, you find that people who work for the companies come up and ask you about stuff after the gigs. ‘Can I have a copy of that because I’m making a film’, or something like that. We actually did a soundtrack for a full length movie called Kiss Me Stupid (the title track appears on The State I’m In) and we wrote the score for it. It wasn’t operatic,” he laughs. “Just us making sounds in the background.”