Why Maturity Was Key For The Creases' New Album

4 August 2017 | 11:28 am | Jessica Dale

"For us as musicians, we feel comfortable with our instruments and our writing."

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For a lot of bands that are just starting out, waiting four years to release a debut album isn't too far-fetched or out of the norm. When thinking about The Creases, however, and realising that they're just about to release their debut album, Tremolow, it does seem a little odd. Surely, after gaining success with songs like Point and Static Lines, an LP would have happened years ago?

"I feel like we're in the right position. For us as musicians, we feel comfortable with our instruments and our writing and everything like that," explains vocalist and guitarist Joe Agius.

"I feel like every month we were getting a lot better and it just got to a stage that we're really happy with all the songs... We've matured enough as musicians and as a band and as friends and everything like that. We feel like it was the right time finally to record it."

Tremolow is an interesting moniker for the album, coming from a musical term that describes a wavering effect in a tone.

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"It was kind of like a working title for a while. It's just like one of those names that..." Agius begins to explain.

"We didn't get sick of after a couple of days. It just stuck," interjects bassist Aimon Clark. Though drummer Gabe Webster is quiet throughout, he laughs along in agreement with his bandmates.  

"Like with every band, there's lots of highs and lows and just a pretty crazy, emotional ride sometimes and I feel like the name kind of sums it up a little bit," continues Agius. "Tremolo's a musical term for changing frequency or for sound, which is an effect we use on the record a lot as well."

The group are heading out on tour throughout September and have been rehearsing solidly to ensure the album's maiden voyage runs smoothly.

"We're just excited to play [Tremolow] finally, because we've been a band for four years and the whole time we've always played a set where everyone only knows three songs in the whole set," says Clark. "It's such an obvious change in the way the audience reacts when you play a song they know. So I guess we're just super excited just to play a set where everyone knows every single song."

"We've just started playing the opening track, which is Answer To, and I think that's my favourite on the album, and I really like playing it live, too," he continues. "It's a hard one for Joe to sing but he pulls it off. It's very high."

"Joe's killing it," adds Webster, Agius laughing along good naturedly.

"[It will be] a really polished kind of set. We've already started putting a lot of work into it," Agius says, agreeing with Clark. "It's just hard to choose which songs to keep and not play, with old ones and EP songs. It's strange. We're really excited but really nervous as well."