Six Pack: The City Shake-Up

2 May 2012 | 6:00 am | Tony McMahon

Local punk outfit The City Shake-Up decided The Cranberries’ Zombie would be a good song to cover for their latest single, according to drummer Woody. Tony McMahon can’t disagree.

“We've been covering the song for a couple of years now and had lots of positive feedback, there were a lot of people asking us when we were going to release it. We thought the time was right, since we love the track and The Cranberries were touring.”

Did the band follow the golden rule of covers: namely that anyone playing someone else's music needs to bring something new to the table? If so, what was it that The City Shake-Up contributed? Woody says there's plenty that's different.

“Just a different dynamic to the original: more upbeat and singalong. It was always going to be different with Dave singing when the original is sung with female vocals. We had the guitars pushed out in the mix to give it a bigger sound and worked super hard on our harmonies, which was so much fun, and for the drums a lot more kick and snare.”

Anyone who knows anything about this band knows they pride themselves on their live shows. In describing the experience, Woody does little to discourage the notion that live, TCSU will be huge fun.

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“We do pride ourselves on our live show. You can be a great recording band but you have to have the live aspect to back it up. When people come and see us play we give 150% and play the most energetic show we can. We love what we do and play the same show whether it be five people or 500. We give the punters a show they will never forget from the moment we walk on to the moment we leave. Party!”

The City Shake-Up play Friday 4 May, Beach House Tavern; Gold Coast; Saturday 5, The Basement; Sunday 6, The Hive (all ages)