The Cairos' Tour Diary Part 2

19 July 2012 | 2:40 pm | The Cairos

"After losing 200 dollars on his birthday night, despite being dragged kicking and screaming out of there, Ali managed one last bet, 10 dollars on 14 (for those roulette players at home) and promptly won all his money back and slept like a baby."

Wednesday 11 July:
We didn't exactly play a show tonight, but we definitely put on a display of courage and determination and won ourselves the 'Men's, division two, Wednesday League indoor soccer grand final!' joined by our favourite Last Dinosaur and key attacker Dan Koyama there was no stopping us! Victory tastes sweet when drunk out of a premiership glass, and so does scotch! After the game we all went back to Ali's house as at midnight he would be 22 and... as most irrational people do when they are flying high, we decided to go to the casino. After losing 200 dollars on his birthday night, despite being dragged kicking and screaming out of there, Ali managed one last bet, 10 dollars on 14 (for those roulette players at home) and promptly won all his money back and slept like a baby.


Thursday 12 July:
The real action always starts with a bottle of scotch. Combined with ginger ale, this concoction celebrated by many throughout provides the foundations of many an adventure, but we'll get to that later... Tonight happens to be our show at the Gold Coast at a very "cosy" bar called 'The Loft'. For any of you who are aware if this venue, it is small and there are serious noise restrictions (unfortunate for us). This was the first show our Brisbane buddies 'Cold and Need' would be joining us on. They opened to the very eager punters who enjoyed their pop tunes and handsome looks immensely. The Preachers as always blew minds and put on a stellar performance whilst trying their very best to confide in the sound restrictions. Our show was very fun and we played to probably the best gold coast crowd we've ever had! Now back to that scotch... ah yes, the real action starts once the gear has been packed, and everyone is nestled safe on the drive back home to Brisbane. Glasses chink, voices are raised, confidence builds and soon enough we all find ourselves out in the valley, embarrassing ourselves and walking home with our tails between our legs as the sun rises.

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Friday 13 July:
Friday 13... Definitely an unlucky day this one! Despite all intentions of sleeping the day away, we're up out and about and trying to prove to the preachers that Brisbane is the place to be. All seemed to be in order when upon trying to exchange cars, our Daihatsu Feroza decided to blow up on the story bridge! Not the easiest of locations to negotiate with angry motorists. SHAME (coincidentally the song shame was written two years prior to the day). The Preachers stayed with us at our warehouse/studio, which they completely fell in love with. We always have our friends who tour from out of town to stay with us as it accommodates an army and you can make as much noise as you please. Later that night as we all emerged from our midday siestas we decided a night off from playing was exactly what we needed. That didn't stop us from going to our local studio 'Alchemix' who supplied us with free studio time to collaborate and make a track with The Preachers. What a great idea! Our friend Jake Miller produced and engineered the entireity of the nights shenanigans till the very wee hours of the morning. What we came out with exceeded all expectations; a groovy jam that showed the best of both bands in one song. One moment in particular was Alistar and Gideon (Male vocalist of the preachers) sharing a vocal booth together exchanging vocal lines, was totally like something out of Glee. Drum Cartel also supplied us with this amazing ludwig kit from the 60's, bliss. Special mention goes to tour manager Sammy T who upon buying a bottle of scotch (yum yum) proceeded to drop it and watched it smash into a million pieces.

Saturday 14 July:
There were definitely a few late rises today, a few livers in need of a detox, but knowing that with only one more show to go, we could manage one last hurrah and go out with a bang per se. Unless you're Ja Rule or something, not many musicans exactly roll in the dollars, which is why when Alistar recieved a 100 dollar fine for parking in a loading zone (IN FRONT OF THE VENUE LOADING IN WTF) you could be sure the night was definitely set for a bang.
And it was! Alhambra lounge was awesome, the people were great! (well aside from the randoms who stormed the stage and sang happy birthday to a somewhat unimpressed crowd) and for the second time in 3 days, we managed to pull off another all nighter, this time watching the sun rise over the Brisbane river until we bid farewell to the preachers and they cabbed it for their 6:30 am flight!


Sunday 15 July:
Somewhere 10 musicians slept soundly sucking their thumbs, satisfied that they had indeed expended all possible amounts of good times and energy. Next stop ADELAIDE!!