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Sunset20°N Focus: Thandi Phoenix

1 February 2018 | 10:27 am | Artist Submission

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What's news? I just got back from Melbourne, where I sang with Rudimental at the Australian Open. This week I'm back in the studio working on new material while also preparing for the release of my new single, which will be coming out very soon.

What should punters expect from your set? High energy, raw emotion and rhythms that make you move. I tend to give my all on stage and I love nothing more than engaging and connecting with the audience. So you'll get to know me a lot better and we'll have a whole lotta fun, no doubt.

Is Sunset20°N your first visit to Barangaroo? The last time I was there it was still going through a fair bit of construction, so I'm looking forward to seeing it now :)

Are you excited to be playing Gadigal Country's beautiful new live music site? I definitely am. I especially love the lineup and collaboration of food, music and art to highlight and showcase the multitude of strong and talented women this country has to offer.

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Have any of the other on-site activities caught your eye? I'm ready. Sign me up for each!

The event has promised '12 spectacular sunsets' - have you got a favourite sunset memory? Or are you on team sunrise? My fave was in NT. It was breathtaking! I had a panoramic view of Uluru and as the sun descended upon the horizon, the sky transformed, the colours intensified and my heart fluttered. I stood there in awe of nature and the land, silenced by its beauty, serenity and spirit.

What night can we see you play? 17 Feb, Towns Place, Barangaroo Reserve. Lock it in! See you there :)

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