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Sugar Mountain: Brett Louis

25 November 2015 | 3:50 pm | Staff Writer

We chat to one of Sugar Mountain's founders, Brett Louis, about the fest's food/drink offerings.

As we all know, there's just so much good food and drink in Melbourne. How do you decide what to include in the line-up?

We look for the perfect mix between new, interesting, fun and (the most important) tasty. We ask ourselves 'if you had no limitations on who you could choose this year, who would you?' — then we go for it.

More and more festivals are being more selective about and taking great pride in their food and drink options — a diverse and high quality line-up is the norm now. Why do you think that is?

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The overall food and beverage offering has a huge impact on people's enjoyment level throughout the day. For some reason, in the past it has been an afterthought for festivals; punters' expectations have now forced it to be a large focus.

If there were nothing holding you back, what would your dream music festival food/drink line-up look like?

Honestly, it wouldn't look dissimilar to this year's line-up. Being able to create Sensory is at the top of the list; it is very much a dream concept. I would definitely throw David Chang and Adam D'Sylva into the mix.

What do you think the next food/drink trend(s) will be?

Anything that is high quality and convenient, flavourful.

Which act/band on the Sugar Mountain line-up do you wanna have a meal with? What would you eat/drink with them and why?

Can I take some liberties and organise an epic last supper? It would include the entire line-up of musicians, visual artists and restaurants/bars. Beers by Sample Brew, cocktails by Black Pearl and The Beaufort, then the feast of all feasts put on by Jesse and his team from Bomba.