SINGLE PREMIERE: Michael Brinkworth - 'Thick Skin'

19 April 2021 | 3:20 pm | Jessica Dale

"'Thick Skin' started out as a little anthem to myself..."

Michael Brinkworth is back with a brand new single today, premiering exclusively with The Music.

The track is taken from the Berlin-based Australian artist's forthcoming album Wasted Wonder, which is due for release on 21 May. 

"Thick Skin started out as a little anthem to myself, singing the song I was living at the time, to keep going while ‘bar-busking’ in Berlin between gigs and tours," Brinkworth told The Music

"Then it naturally became the perfect opener to tie together all these songs from the album that were written while I was trying to find balance between making a living from my music, yet still keeping it sacred and connected to that innocence I had when I first started playing."

Check out the single above and find out more about Brinkworth below.