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5 August 2020 | 12:23 pm | Dan Cribb

"I fear we’ve become more plugged in than ever."


Electro pop artist LIV LI, aka Canberra’s Amber Nichols, today offers up one more single before her new EP drops.

Premiering via The Music, new track Silence is taken from Who We Are, which is set for release on August 20.

The single, as Nichols described by Nichols, is about “choosing to unplug and take a breather”.

“I found myself without a phone the other day and as a result, I was alone with my thoughts for the first time in a long time,” she said.

“It was an uncomfortable feeling at first. My mind was left to wander. To explore. Unfiltered. It made me realise that every spare moment I have I had been filling it with information. Useless and irrelevant information.

“I walked down a busy street, my head up, I had new eyes. I saw people in restaurants and cafes, their heads buried in their phones and their eyes reflecting the bright lights of their screens. It made me hate myself and what I had become.

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“I walked through the night in silence, at peace, thoughts drifting in and out. Contemplating. Reflecting. Breathing. Listening. Hoping. Waiting. Being. It inspired a decision to change. To be less plugged in. To look up. To be present. To be here. To take control of what I allow in. To stop the mindless scrolling.

“Of course I am a work in progress and as the pandemic continues and finds ourselves looking for more ways to interact, socialise, and keep up to date with rapidly changing information. I fear we’ve become more plugged in than ever. Which in turn means more addicted and more isolated than ever.”

Check out the new track above.