Single Focus: Red Engine Caves

25 February 2016 | 3:45 pm | Bob Gordon

Red Engine Caves launch their new single, Purple Pam, on Saturday, February 27, with help from The High Learys, Marmalade Mama and Junglenauts. Bob Gordon chats with bass player, Ralf Sunbird.

Tell us a bit about the background to the new single, Purple Pam...

Purple Pam is my mum. The way the song got that name is pretty funny, a few key points of the story are my cousin winning $20,000 on the horses, a Santa outfit and a rental van on our first national tour.

It's from your forthcoming second album. Is it evocative of the rest of the songs on there?

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It's probably one of the more mellow bluesy songs on there actually. The other stuff is going to rip your fucking faces off

What did you take from the experience of recording your debut album into the process of making the second one?

Black Mary I suppose was more chaotic just due to trying new things in the way we recorded. We're approaching this album with a lot more control and all three of us know what we want it to sound like.

You recently put the door takings on the bar for the audience at Mojo's. I'm sure that went down well...

Well playing tunes and getting pissed are like our two favourite things to do and we just wanted to share that even more so with everyone. With all these stupid fundraiser shows, it just seems like all these bands want something from everyone, this was our way of showing everyone that we just want you to rock up and have a good fucking time like it's supposed to be, not asking for you money so we can record an album haha.

What else is 2016 holding for you?

Endless touring once this album is out. Then onto the next album!

Originally published in X-Press Magazine