Single Focus: Ann Vriend

10 March 2016 | 2:07 pm | Artist Submission

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Single title? Those Records

What's the song about? It's a fun party song, but admits the nostalgic emotion that songs from your past bring up, like it or not.

How long did it take to write/record? Writing was really fast actually — [in terms of] the production we tried a few angles before deciding on the disco treatment to contrast with the lyrics, so that took longer but was a fun experiment.

Is this track from a forthcoming release/existing release? Yep — it's the single from the Aussie vinyl release tour of my album For The People In The Mean Time.

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What was inspiring you during the song's writing and recording? Spinning tunes. I listened to a whole bunch when I was in a certain relationship and hadn't really listened to much since — bam. It brings so many memories back just like that, wow.

We'll like this song if we like... Retro '70s, Sly Stone, P Funk, Daft Punk, Amy Winehouse, Adele, Meghan Trainor and vinyl of course.

Do you play it differently live? Yeah, a bit — instrumentation is drums, a Hammond that also plays bass lines and me on keys and vox, so it's more old school stripped down R&B than on the album.

When and where is your launch/next gig? 16 Mar, The Basement.