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Si Begg: Bucked Up.

9 December 2002 | 1:00 am | Paul Rankin
Originally Appeared In

Begg-ars Banquet.

Si Begg plays the The Moonbar on Saturday. The Mission Statement is in stores now.

English electronica guru Si Begg has been producing brilliant music under many guises for a number of years now. He's released whacked out country hip-hop on Ninjatune as Cabbageboy, razor sharp nu-skool breaks on Fuel as Buckfunk 3000 and stadium disco on Mute as SI Futures. On top of that there's breaks for Botchit & Scarper, techno on FEIS, hordes of remixes and running his labels Mosquito and Noodles Discotheque. He's rumoured to turn in a particularly nasty live set as Si Futures, recently called on to perform live this years Sonar festival between Carl Cox and Jeff Mills. Producers just don't get much more legit.

What got you started producing?

“Just always being really into music. I started with bands and got more and more into the electronic side, 'cuase that seemed to be where all the action was.”

What came first, Buckfunk3000, Si Begg or Cabbageboy?

“Well to be honest Cabbagehead and Bigfoot came before all of them. But then I got signed to do CabbageBoy and Buckfunk 3000 LP's at more or less the same time but decided to do Buckfunk 3000 first.”

Can you run thru all your production guises and what they cover?

“OK, currently I only really operate as S.I.Futures (which intends to cover everything really), Si Begg (which also covers everything) and Buckfunk 3000 (which covers breaks/electro mainly for fuel). I used to do downbeat hip-hop/cut up sample stuff for Ninja Tune as Cabbage Boy and techno as Bigfoot.”

What's Noodles Discotheque's purpose as a label?

“To be the most useful stupid experimental DJ friendly record label around.”

How's playing Fabric?

“Cool... great sound system, the only good 'big' club in London.”

What is the mission statement of SI Futures?

“Hmmm... Just trying to do good electronic music with a dose of da funk.”

How's the huge success of last years Welcome to the Discotheque? Did you expect it at all?

“Not at all, just one of those weird things... but, hey, I'm not complaining.”

What producers are totally rocking it for you these days?

“Hmmm… Tipper, Super Collider, Cursor Miner, Timbaland and The Neptunes.”

Who's your favourite pop star?

“Does Missy Elliot count? I guess not... loving Justin Timberlake’s new single.”

Any words of advice for aspiring producers out there?

“Keep on keeping on, and do your own dang.”