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Shutterspeed: New View.

25 November 2002 | 1:00 am | Eden Howard
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Come In Swinger.

Shutterspeed launch Come Out Swingin’ at the Rat & Parrot Hotel on Saturday.

By far and away one of Brisbane’s finest independent talents, Shutterspeed have quickly followed up their Hill Street Views long player with a scorching new single. Come Out Swingin’ is a driving and anthemic taste of what you’ve come to expect from such a fine band, and this Saturday the band will be in full swing, putting in two sets for the launch of the disc. Not only do you get the band in full flight, but you’ll also catch a rare acoustic set with some stripped back piano.

“We didn’t see too much point in waiting around between releases,” guitarist Anthony Dettori explains. “We had our name out there, and we had the songs and motivation to get straight back into it. The song itself we’ve only been playing for the last couple of months if that. We had a couple of songs we were tossing around as the first single, and Andrew came into the rehearsal room with that song and it blew us all away. It’s the newest song out of what will make the new album.”

While the recording sessions for the slated March release are still on the horizon, Anthony believes the track is a good indication of where the band will take their next disc.

“I think it’s a bit of a teaser, but personally I think Come Out Swingin’ has the attitude that Shutterspeed has at the moment. We’re not going to stand in the wings any more. We’re of the attitude now that the music we’re making now is the best we’ve done, and we’re going to come out with all guns blazing. If you like it, fantastic, and if you don’t, tough shit… That’s a bit part of Come Out Swingin’. Lyrically it’s really the way we feel at the moment, which is good.”

While there have been changes in line up between almost every Shutterspeed release, the current line up, of which Anthony is among the more recent additions, is the strongest the band has been.

“I think it’s gonna be changing from here on in,” he asserts. “I think this is the best line up there’s been, for sure. It’s really gelled now. There have been a lot of changes compared to many bands, but things are now sitting really well. Everything fits personality wise and music taste wise, playing wise. It seems to be perfect right now. Maybe that’s part of why we decided to do another record so soon. Things are great and everyone’s loving it. Why wait around?”