Have You Heard: Sharaya

1 June 2012 | 2:09 pm | Staff Writer

How did you get together?

Shay Liza, lead vocalist: Sharaya came together through the process of making our album The Road To… As a solo artist, I had a collection of songs I had written that I wanted to record, in the hope of making an album. So I started working with Melbourne rock producer Ricki Rae (who is also our drummer in the band) along with Scott Griffiths (our keyboard/bass player at the time) and the three of us started producing and demoing up the tracks. We had been doing a Sunday arvo gig at Sentido Funf in Fitzroy, where we regularly performed our growing repertoire of original songs – this was really where Sharaya was born.

It was later on down the track we decided to form a full band, with Simon Hosford joining as our guitarist during the recording phase of the album. It was around that time our dear friend and founding member Scott expressed a desire to move on to other things. So after parting ways, we went out in search of new members, and that's when Adam Surace our bassist and Nik Pringadi our keyboard player joined the band. Looking back now, I see that by following through on our desire to make an album, we ended up forming a kick-ass rock band in the process!                                              

Have you recorded anything or do you prefer to tool around in your bedroom?

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Let's just say that what we've recorded on our album The Road To … is for the public to hear and know about and whether or not we tool or fool around in the bedroom is for us to know and you to guess. Haha, just kidding. But seriously the album was tracked and recorded at Lighthill Sound Recording, mixed at Sing Sing Studios and produced and engineered by Ricki Rae. 

The Road To… is comprised of ten tracks; the sound we went for was a dynamic style of rock with powerful melodies, ethereal sonic textures combined with aggressive high-energy bass riffs, heavy rock drums and crushing guitars.

The songs explore both intricate and introspective themes, and come from a very personal place. I have drawn a lot of inspiration from my colourful upbringing – I spent much of my childhood and teenage years in various parts of the world. Lyrically, the songs are pictures of personal journeys and life lessons.

Can you sum up your band's sound in four words?

Dynamic, diverse, daring and dangerous! 

If you could support any band in the world, who would it be and why?

Foo Fighters – big fans of their music, but also 'cause it would be awesome having a female-fronted rock band supporting a tough, male-dominated rock act like theirs.

If a higher power smites your house and you can only save one record from the fire, what would it be?

Led Zeppelin – 3

Do you have a lucky item of clothing you wear for gigs and what is it?

Yes as a matter a fact I do, but I can't give away all my secrets now, can I?  And plus it's probably something that isn't quite appropriate to mention here, haha!

If you invited someone awesome 'round for dinner what would you cook?

Hmmm…. Good question, as I love to cook.  I would say it would be Mexican – it's all in the guacamole! I pinched an awesome recipe from a Mexican restaurant at the MGM Grande in Vegas, so my tacos have proven to always be a hit!