Here Comes The Drums

8 June 2012 | 10:42 am | Staff Writer

Being able to count David Guetta and Avicii as production partners, Sebastien Drums is quickly finding his ‘French touch’ tapping everyone. Members Only investigates.

You have deep roots in the French house scene, is that scene what first got you into dance, and what is it about that sound that you really enjoy? That's true; I was always a big fan of the French touch sound. Especially Daft Punk, Cassius, Phunky Data. This kind of music was very groovy and it still feels perfect.

And your track with Avicii, the Cassius-sampling My Feelings For You has seen a massive upsurge – especially internationally – how have you enjoy that extra attention since its release? Yes that's true. We made that track in four hours and it became a massive track all around the world. It was number one on Beatport for three weeks and had more than 15 millions views on YouTube. That's crazy! Avicii and I were really happy with the track as we finished it, but we didn't expect that kind of success. This track definitely opened a lot of doors for both of us. Since then I'm DJing all over the world!

It seems so far that collaborations have been a strong point for you, what is it about working with others you enjoy the most? Doing a collab is always a great. It's not only business, it's having fun, sharing ideas, etc. It's always good to work with others 'cause you can learn from them and they can learn too. That said, 2012 is very busy year for me solo – French Rules on Stealth Records, Fly Again on Spinnin' Records, my remix for David Guetta's Turn Me On. At the moment I've got a new one called Resonorg with my good friend Rob Adans that seems to make it pretty big. Another collab with Whelan di Scala featuring the amazing singer Mitch Crown called Here I Come will be released on June 19 on Stealth Records.

You also run your own label Work Machine, what prompted you to start it up and how's it going for you since it launched in 2007? I decided to have my own label because I wanted to have my tracks to be released very fast. I also wanted to sign some new talents. At the moment, I'm taking a little break with the label because I want to focus on my total career; producing, DJing, etc and having a label is a lot of work and energy.

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Given your background in French house and the current tracks, what can we expect from the Sebastien Drums DJ set when you get to Australia? A lot of new tracks from me of course and for sure some real exclusive stuff. You will also get a lot of energy. Just be there! I really can't wait for this tour, I love Australia!

Sebastien Drums will be playing on Friday 8 June at the Court Hotel.