Screen Music Awards: Josh Abrahams

9 November 2015 | 1:19 pm | Artist Submission

"The Play School theme is genius; it's survived for decades."

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How different is your songwriting approach when it's to accompany someone else's creative endeavour for the screen? Both I and my colleague Davide Carbone do all we can to ensure that the music we are creating is helping to drive the story forward and create a specific emotional response. That story and emotion are determined by the director and client, it's all about what they need.

Does the director give a specific brief or a general outline for you to explore creatively? We prefer a clear, detailed brief, and where possible, at least one reference track. That way we can ensure we are setting off on the right path.

How much input does a director have throughout the process? Is there a constant back and forth or are you generally left to your own devices?: We run a very consultative process, checking that the initial direction is right, then constantly sending updates. This saves time in the long run as we avoid heading down the wrong path.

What's your favourite TV show theme and why? The Play School theme is genius; it's survived for decades, it's catchy enough for my two-year-old to sing (endlessly!), yet clever enough to be satisfying when you work it out on the piano.

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What's your favourite piece of film music and why? We are currently in love with the Gravity soundtrack. It propels the story so intensely and efficiently, and sonically it's incredible, so fresh and unique. We are in awe.