Roll Cage: Live It Up.

18 November 2002 | 1:00 am | Peter Madsen
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Let’s Get Rocked.

The 1st Annual Brisbane Rock ‘n’ Roll Festival is on Saturday at the Jubilee Hotel.

If you get yourself along to the Jubilee Hotel on Saturday from 1pm you’ll catch a number of Brisbane’s finest (along with Sydney garage act Roll Cage) as the 1st Annual Brisbane Rock ‘n’ Roll Festival gets into full flight. Event organisers Michael Elliott and Kate Jacobson took a bit of time to answer a few questions on the run down of the day.

Tell us about the 1st Annual Brisbane Rock 'n' Roll Festival. What's the motivation behind the event?

“Well, we felt the need to promote the live rock 'n' roll scene in Brissie. A lot of these bands aren't as appreciated as they should be.”

Who's on the bill?

“From kick off you can catch Lola Blame (1.30pm), The Golden Orbs (2.30pm), Popstar Massage Units (3.30pm), The Busymen (single launch 4.30pm), The Slippery Roger (5.30pm), The Dangermen (6.30pm), Big Bongin’ Baby (7.30pm), Gazoonga Attack (8.30pm), Roll Cage (9.30pm), The Hekawis (10.30pm) and The Aampirellas (11.30pm).”

Do you think Brisbane's underground rock scene has something special to offer that you can't find in other cities?

“There are heaps of good rock 'n' roll acts in the scene up here, there are no doubt similar scenes down south, it's just that the bands down there have more venues to use and more interest from the punters! They can't beat that Brisbane rock attitude though....”

What does Brisbane need more of?

“Definitely more interest in the live music scene.”

Will there definitely be another event next year, or are you testing the waters this time around?

“It'll be interesting to see how it goes but we're already thinking about what we are going to do next year, so it's definitely on the cards. We've only put this one together in the last two months so the next one is sure to be bigger and better!”