Pub Grub: The Soda Factory

15 August 2014 | 4:01 pm | Staff Writer

Bringing a little slice of New York City to Surry Hills, The Soda Factory is fantastic for those who love a fun night out on a shoestring budget.

Bar side

These guys have only been around for 18 months, but they have certainly earned a name for themselves in that short time. With live music most nights of the week, boozy milkshakes and gourmet hot dogs, The Soda Factory knows how to rock around the clock.   

You’d be excused if you didn’t notice the bar though; if you didn’t see the line of people outside the door between 10pm and lockout you wouldn’t know that Soda Factory isn’t just what it says on the pink-lit sign: Bobby’s Boss Dogs. Once inside what looks like your regular takeaway food place, you step through the Coca Cola vending machine secret entrance into the cosy space. But not too cosy, the danceloor is ready and waiting.  

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Since opening, The Soda Factory has quickly become known for their gourmet hot dog menu. They’ve been enjoying expanding their repertoire ever since, and the menu here is undeniably inventive – where else can you find cheeseburger spring rolls? Chicken and waffles with maple syrup is also certainly intriguing (how do they go together so well?), and pulled pork-covered nachos sounds like a food adventure everyone should try at least once. They also do some smashing fried chicken, which will only cost you $10 for a bucket on Wednesday nights. For the sweet tooths, hit up a peanut butter and chocolate malted milkshake.

The entertainment consists of a constantly rotating line-up of rock and doo-wop bands, and DJs on the weekend. On Monday nights the big screen comes out for free cinema events, playing well known films and cult classics. This place really is the definition of cheap and cheerful.

As for the drinks, things stay pretty true to the American theme also, with a selection of imported American beers. Boozy shakes and alcoholic ice cream floats are a party in a glass; if you get a toothache from its sweetness or a headache from not being able to say no to one more, it will have been worth it. For those who believe happiness is best shared, get around a cocktail syphon for two.

Fun Fact

The legendary Grandmaster Flash played a DJ at The Soda Factory to celebrate their first birthday party. Now that’s a party guest worth bragging about.