PREMIERE: The Siren Tower – ‘Invalia’

25 January 2017 | 1:07 pm | Staff Writer

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It’s been a while between drinks for Perth rockers The Siren Tower, but by no means has that broken the flow from 2012’s acclaimed A History Of Houses LP, with the band dropping a powerful first taste of a follow-up release.

Their first new cut in four years sees a return to endearing music fuelled by an unmistakable and charming Aussie accent, as the band speak up on the eve of Australia Day.

“The story-telling aspect of the band has always been important, and this song is no exception so we've tried to tie the visuals and the lyrics together tightly,” Siren Tower said of the single's accompanying clip.

The choice to drop the new material on January 25 was a “very significant” one, with the song commenting on the Asylum seeker debate, but inspired by Australia Day.

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“I guess it's a product of the ever-increasing dialogue the date provokes each year; but we didn’t want to drop this song on January 26. There’s only one mob that should have their voices heard on that date - the first mob,” they said.

“Our thing is narrative and Invalia is the story of an asylum seeker trying to get his family to Australia, out of danger. It’s about his frustration, being locked up, being told by the original boat people that boat people aren’t welcome here.”

The band’s absence in recent years was due to individual careers, but they’ve made an effort to put time aside and work on the record together in the same room.

"Being in a band and creating the best music you can definitely gets more difficult as time goes on, just from a logistical point of view. So you have to make the decision to commit to it fully, Invalia was definitely a result of that mid set."

Invalia is available now via The Siren Tower Bandcamp, with all proceeds raised donated to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.

The Siren Tower launch Invalia at Amplifier Bar on Feb 4 with support from Timothy Nelson, These Winter Nights and Lofty Heights in support, with $1 from every ticket sold also going to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.

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