PREMIERE: Pinch Hitter - So Much For The Road

17 March 2016 | 2:37 pm | Staff Writer

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Sydney banjo duo Pinch Hitter's tour of the States recently has birthed many new things for the band — first, the tour footage that we're pleased to be premiering today for So Much For The Road, and second, a friendship with Cleveland, Ohio band Meridien, leading to the two bands announcing a tour together this May.

The chance meeting between the two bands also spawned a split 7" EP that was released and toured last year in the US, but it's time for Aussie fans to get a bit of a taste. 

As for So Much For The Road, it's a pensive song with a unique sound, matched with the mundane visuals that come hand-in-hand when touring.

The band's Dave Drayton explains, "So Much For The Road was one of the first songs we wrote for the band, when we found time in between study, work, and family. Appropriately then, it's about how study, work, family, and a bad back change the nature of touring: you don't drive down to Melbourne Thursday in a van and party; you fly down Friday, rushed after work, and get stung for extra baggage fees. As much living in one another's pockets sucks at times, and stinks, it's also a really special part of doing something stupid like traveling dumb distances with your mates in attempts to perform music.

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"So many people do tour montage clips that are all glory, and show tour as the best time ever, which it can be. But mostly they ignore the mundane aspects - traffic, the yogic skill required to navigate unexpected sleeping positions, shitty food, and no personal space - it's that kind of trivial but unforgettable shit we wanted to capture in the clip. The Midwest seems to offer the right kind of backdrop too."
Check out the clip above and if you like what you see/hear, catch the band on 4 May in Parramatta, 5 May in Newcastle, 6 May in Nambour, 8 May in Annandale, 11 May in Canberra, 12 May in Hobart, 13 May in Launceston, 14 May in Fitzroy and 15 May in Footscray.