PREMIERE: Krista Polvere - Shut Up And Ride

25 November 2015 | 2:35 pm | Staff Writer

Melburnian alt country crooner Krista Polvere has unveiled her newest single and video clip today, exclusively on

Hailing from her newest self-titled release, Polvere's Shut Up And Ride is a rollicking tune with a dusty video clip to match. Shot in both regional Australia and the countryside of Virginia, the video showcases the two sides of Polvere — as the wild nomad, taking to her (intermittently working) car, and the sultry deadpan siren, finding a home in the Virginian woods.

Polvere says, "I feel like the clip represents a darker, romantic and ambivalent side which is lost in the woods searching whimsically for something she knows doesn’t exist. There is sadness in that. And then a more strong, independent and fearless version of me who desires the thrill and nothing more."