VIDEO PREMIERE: Jack Tully & The Seers - 'Spirit Bird'

22 November 2018 | 3:09 pm | Staff Writer

"I’m trying to cut away the stuff that doesn’t matter and make space for what does."

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In need of a calming track to get you through your Thursday afternoon? Then we've got just the one for you. 

Jack Tully & The Seers today share their brand new clip for Spirit Bird, a pretty chilled black & white clip, complete with some birds that we could watch all day. Turns out Tully found the birds as captivating as we do, he shares how it came about below.

"From the first mixes, I thought this music would work well with images, especially the instrumental parts of the song," shares Tully about the clip.

"We were watching murmuration footage and I was blown away at how well the movement of these birds flying effortlessly in time with each other worked with the music. 

"I approached award winning Dutch filmmaker Jan van Ijken about a possible collaboration. His beautiful footage is completely mesmerising. I knew I needed band footage to tie it together and make it more of a ‘music’ clip. Danny Johnson shot the band rehearsing one afternoon in the old Corndale hall in northern NSW. I cut the footage together and tried to capture the band but still honour the integrity of Jan’s film.

Check out the clip above.

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