PREMIERE: Hayden Calnin - White Night

23 September 2015 | 2:09 pm | Staff Writer

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Melbourne electro folk crooner Hayden Calnin is unveiling the stunning new clip for White Night here with us today, having worked with Tim Carr on the single.

The clip for the song follows two men heading to a house party together, and we're loving the understated visuals of the dazed dancing, longing stares, the smoky room and their drags of the cigarette.

Calnin says of the video, "Director Kathleen Lee came up with the idea of shooting the video clip set on a standard night out at a house party where typical gender roles between males and females were reversed.

"White Night on its own is most generally heard as a standard break-up song. When paired with the visuals of the music video, the song was really able to take on a new dimension, exploring the concept of coming out and trying to finding truth in our own identities, sexuality and ultimately about coming to grips with who we inherently are as individuals and being comfortable with that."

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