PREMIERE: Colibrium - In Balance

10 March 2016 | 12:51 pm | Staff Writer

Adelaide five-piece heavyweights Colibrium are all set to release their debut studio full-length, In Balance, this week, but before they put it up for purchase tomorrow, The Music is stoked to be premiering the album in full today!

From the thunderous drums and snarling bass that kick off opening track Aliens onwards, it's clear that the band have greatly refined their existing penchant for atmosphere and instrumental dynamics, dropping between ethereal restraint and balls-to-the-wall arena-rock with casual ease before the first track even finishes.

Lead vocalist Chris Gard flaunts his dexterous abilities on the mic throughout the album, proving as capable at introspective, demure delivery as he is in the forceful, borderline-falsetto power range. The band's melodic instrumentalists — guitarists Christian Tassone and Gus Robertson, with bassist Craig Williams — are all dab hands at their chosen weapons, with In Balance boasting a solid serve of shredding leads, reliable, chug-happy rhythms and occasionally wandering, almost always groove-heavy bass lines, but it's drummer Matt Giola who truly glues together the entire spectacle, his meticulous, metronomic beat-keeping secondary in its impressiveness only to the technically proficient fills and detours he takes during the journey, which routinely provide moments of unexpected glee in the midst of the album's songs.

There's an obvious polish to the sounds being unleashed throughout the record; in part, that's due to the behind-the-scenes work by respected studio men Reid Jones (production/mixing) and Forrester Savell (mixing/mastering), although Colibrium's obvious work ethic in crafting and honing these songs cannot be dismissed.

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If you're into it — and you might have already seen them alongside the likes of Thousand Foot Krutch, Like Thieves and Jericco if you are — you'll be stoked to know Colibrium are heading out on tour in support of the album from tomorrow, 11 March, kicking off in Brisbane with a performance at the New Globe Theatre's El Grande Festival.

They head to Melbourne on Friday 18 March to play Cherry Bar, then it's off to Bendigo's Festival Of Cultures on Saturday 19 March. Finally, they'll wrap the sojourn with a home-town performance at Jive on Saturday 2 April.

In Balance is out tomorrow, 11 March, on iTunes and Spotify.

For more information, head to the band's Facebook page.