Parramatta Australia Day Focus: I Know Leopard

19 January 2016 | 12:36 pm | Artist Submission

More I Know Leopard More I Know Leopard

Band name: I Know Leopard

Answered by: Rosie (Bass)

Will you do an Australian themed set at the Hottest 100 Party at Parramatta Park? If so, what have you planned? Well, I am planning on buying a sequenced yellow and gold Australian flag dress for $5 from Hot Dollar.

What's your fave thing about Australia Day? Beer and mangos for breakfast. Oh and Australian packaged Kleenex.

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What's something that's quintessentially Australian? Getting burnt on the bottom of your feet.

Do you think there's a difference between playing a big event like at Parramatta Park when there is an all Aussie bill as opposed to when international acts feature? Definitely! I think there's a real sense of comradery in the Australian music scene. It's always pretty special when you get to play alongside what is essentially a bunch of mates. Super inspiring too.

What time are you playing at the Hottest 100 Party at Parramatta Park? 6.15pm! Actually 6:20 but you should come at 6:15 to hear Jenny soundcheck with the Game of Thrones theme.