On The Road With The Cairos: Part One

11 July 2012 | 1:52 pm | The Cairos

The Cairos tell us what Origin night in Wollongong is like for a bunch of Queensland indie-kids.

On The Road

The best part about having a manager who lives halfway between Brisbane and Sydney is that we have a home away from home. Ted Gardener is our manager; tough exterior, firm around the waist, a voice like gimly and wisdom second only to Buddha. Tonight he told us how he bankrupted two different record labels just by clicking his fingers... Or something like that. Healthy home cooked meals (Ali's allergic to everything on the planet), words of wisdom, herbal remedies, and of course Jack, the most hyper dog in the world who at the crack of dawn likes to lick everyone's faces just so that we don't need showers.

Driving, driving, driving and we've only just started!

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Old Friends and New

Today we were joined by our favourite tour manager in the world, Sammy T, our sweetest tour daddy in every sense of the words and of course he'd already hit up the turps by the time we found him wondering the streets in limbo. Nice one Sammy T.

The perks of playing on Origin night in Wollongong means that whenever NSW scored the crowd would cheer even louder! Although, being Queenslanders, it didn't probably help our cause when we rightfully won in the end. Tonight we met the lovely Preachers (support band on our tour) for the first time, and sniffed each other out like inquisitive dogs. It's funny, when you go on tour you meet people that will be like a family and in such close proximity for around three weeks so lucky for us all, we all got along just fine especially when the friendliest of friendly locals bought us all pizza too and declared us all the next Beatles!

Luckily we've got ourselves a great little place to stay in Sydney in Newtown so looking forward to a good sleep in!

Life Of Leisure?

The Preachers are kind. So kind that today they helped us out by letting us rehearse in their studio in the heart of Sydney. We bought special Christmas lights in Newtown to add a bit of flavor to the live show and set them up throughout the room and sat around all day writing songs and acting like we owned the place. The perks of having a day off in-between shows! We're very lucky to make friend in different parts of the country and Gidean the singer of The Preachers came over with a bottle of scotch and decided he'd enlighten us with all the hot spots on the town. The night found us involved a raucous blues jam at Commons Bar with members of Deep Sea Arcade and The Preachers in which our pal Sammy T managed to share a heartfelt moment with Megan Washington! Well, she asked him for a lighter or something, but still! 

Off to Newcastle we fled today to the quietness of the beach and the haunted Great Northern hotel for the nights big gig. Newcastle never seems to disappoint aesthetically and soon after we walked to the beautiful lighthouse we were entertained by a remote control plane doing dive bombs and spirals and all the tricks short of a kamikaze.

Newcastle really turned it on and we had a great night! We decided it was time to unleash our cover of time after time by Cyndi Lauper and soon enough it was a scene out of High School Musical or Grease or maybe we just imagined that part . Reuben prides himself on 4 things; his hair, his bass playing, his drinking and his pool playing and what more than to display all 4 fine traits on one night. He Beat the locals at pool and out drank the lot too!

After a slow getaway from Newcastle and a lazy old drive back to Sydney we played the best show so far of the tour at GoodGod! Everything seemed to work out really great. Battleships came along and opened up and were fantastic and charming with their bow ties and plethora of acoustically driven pop gems. We decided to get Izzy from The Preachers up and sing along with us tonight and she did a fine job executing with style the chorus of our cover that we told you about! After the show we went pub hunting and found ourselves at the judgement bar singing '80s classics like you're the voice and various Midnight Oil tunes till the early hours of the morning. Proud to say we out partied The Preachers and out-danced them with Reuben giving even the great Peter Garrett a run for his dollar.

Eughhh Sunday's are never easy! Alf flew home early just to make it to the indoor soccer grand final which they lost! Reuben disappeared with the Fish to leave Ali and Jacob to do all the driving home accompanied by Sammy T who farted all the way home.

A couple of days of recuperation and it is off to the Gold Coast and Alistar's 22nd birthday! Thank you and goodbye!