NYE Focus: Rainbow Hotel

16 December 2015 | 3:59 pm | Artist Submission

Answered by: Katarina Campbell, assistant venue manager

What will be special about spending NYE at your venue? Open from 3pm, kitchen from 4.30pm, get settled in before the beats of Glen Ford and The Record Machine. This band plays alt blues/country style rock'n'roll and the like like to improvise using the freedom of jazz and gypsy influences.

What is your fondest NYE memory? 2010-2011 Being on the River Thames in London watching the fireworks display surrounding Big Ben! Was so surreal being on the other side of the world watching it in real time as opposed to seeing it on the TV screens!

What is your NY resolution? Keep doing what I'm doing but better!

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What should I be drinking to ring in the new year? Most likely a glass of bubbles and some sort of shot!

Next year will be the year of... According to the Chinese Zodiac, it will be the year of the Monkey — Competition and challenge.

What is your hangover cure? Blue Powerade, cold rockmelon, exercise, hair of the dog.

Ticketing link: therainbow.com.au