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Newtown Festival Focus: Pirra

9 November 2018 | 5:03 pm | Artist Submission

"The festival has built up a reputation over the years, artists take pride in playing there."

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Answered by: James McKendry - guitar

Presumably you’ve been to the Newtown Festival before, what’s your favourite memory? Last year’s festival was probably my favourite. Some highlights were watching I Know Leopard and Okenyo play back to back, and the cabaret bus was awesome.

Lots of suburbs put on festivals, but Newtown Festival is always particularly huge - why do you think that is? Newtown attracts a lot of people because it is known as the arts hub of Sydney. The festival has built up a reputation over the years, artists take pride in playing there and festival-goers know they’re going to see great music with a diverse line-up and have a good time.

Favourite spot at the festival to chill and watch the world go by? I like the stage near the Courthouse. You can usually get a patch of grass there if you’re there early and it’s a great perch for watching bands. It’s also nice and close to food and beers.

What would be your entry into the dog show? A wolf pup. Intimidating but cute.

What is it about the Inner West that inspires so much creativity? Historically it has a reputation of being an artistic area, and then that has kind of snowballed and people interested in the arts often move here or go to events here. There is also a healthy and welcoming community spirit that encourages people to get involved.

Of all the food stalls on offer at the Festival, what do you reckon is one we should definitely check out and why? Hmmm, I can’t remember exact stalls but I remember looking around at everyone’s plates and feeling jealous. Eat everything.

When and where are you performing on the day? 1:30pm on the main stage (I think!?)