New School Hero: School’s Out.

16 September 2002 | 12:00 am | Bianca Valentino
Originally Appeared In

I Need A Hero.

New School Hero launch their self titled EP at the Surfers Paradise Beergarden on Friday and play the Beach Road on Sunday, Mary Street on September 18, The Great Northern, Byron Bay on September 19 and the Yamba Civic Centre on September 20.

Gold Coast melodic five-piece punk band New School Hero has just released their latest self-titled EP.

“It's five tracks that were all recorded over six months,” informs guitarist Adrian. “We have an interactive CD on it as well like a film clip and photos and bio, all that sort of stuff. There are so many bands out there doing the same thing so it's important to try and make yourself different, which, we're trying to do. It's different from most punk stuff, it's rock, it's pop, it's ska. It's just different and people should support it.”

Choosing the songs to go on the new EP was a process in itself.

“These songs we've had for a while since the start of the year, we have other songs but in the end we decided to keep them for an album. If this goes well we'll probably start looking at releasing a full length next year. So hopefully it'll all go well and we'll get to do it.”

The song writing on their EP shows a maturity that isn't found in many bands in the same age group as New School Hero, especially the track 35 Seconds (Tell Someone) that deals with youth suicide.

“We decide d to put that track on there because there's lots of songs about youth suicide and we thought we might as well write it and actually have a cause for it, by putting it in there is a reasonable sort of suggestion that we all came up with and hopefully help someone out if they listen to the lyrics.”

A lot of goals have already been achieved in the New School Hero camp; they seem to be a band that's constantly pushing themselves to bigger and better things.

“Personally I have achieved everything I wanted to do. Ever since I was young I always wanted to support an international band and I've done that and to do a CD which I'm fully happy with which I've also just done. I think now we're just trying to go as far as we can and doing everything ourselves and trying to get as many people to hear us as possible.”

New School Hero has also finished a film clip for the song Gotta Go.

“We did it a couple of months ago with a Sydney film student called Darcy Yuille. We had all these ideas but we decided to change it at the last minute. We went by what we thought and we're real happy with it cause it turned out heaps better than we thought. We're really happy with everything.”