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Never Content

3 October 2010 | 9:29 pm | Staff Writer
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Wollongong based hardcore band Never Content are about to hit the road next month with label mates Vanity, off the back of their debut EP, "Midnight At Six", which is out now through Arrest Records. The band's vocalist Callum answered a few questions for us about the band.

Wollongong based hardcore band Never Content are about to hit the road next month with label mates Vanity, off the back of their debut EP, "Midnight At Six", which is out now through Arrest Records. The band's vocalist Callum answered a few questions for us about the band.

Start off by stating your name, your role in Never Content and the last TV show you watched?

I’m Callum, I sing. The last TV show I watched was America’s Hardest Prisons, shit gets hectic.

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Can you give us a brief rundown of the history of the band?

Well I’ve known Josh (our drummer) for about 6 years and we used to be in a couple of shit pop punk bands together. Josh went to school with Matt, and he was keen to start a band. We had a couple of practices and started played a few local shows. Not long after our bass player at the time (Wade) decided to leave the band to pursue a career in the Navy. We knew Josh Smith through friends and asked if he was interested. One thing led to another, and we released the EP.

Who are the bands that have influenced you the most musically?

We all listen to different music. For me, I’m going to say Final Fight and Polar Bear Club, two amazing bands. The other guys listen to heaps of New Found Glory, The Wonder Years, Transit, More Than Life, Ruiner, Crime in Stereo etc.

The band’s debut EP "Midnight At Six" is out now. What was the writing and recording process like for the EP?

Matt wrote a whole bunch of songs, we practiced for about 8 months, played a few shows with them and finally decided it would be a good time to have a solid release. We all saved up for about 6 six weeks and recorded for 10 days at The Brain Studios in Surry Hills (Sydney). Recording was heaps of fun; I finished Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 on PS2 at least 5 times and ate Thai food everyday, so yeah it was hard work haha.

Have people been digging the EP so far?

I was kind of surprised people were buying it instead of just downloading it. We’ve just run out of physical copies and had to order more for the tour, so I guess that’s a good sign.

Arrest Records released the EP, how did that deal happen?

Straight after we recorded the EP we burnt about 5 copies onto blank discs and mailed them out to a whole bunch of labels basically asking them what they thought and if they were interested in releasing it. Greg had a sweet offer for us, we heard he was a great dude doing awesome things, so we decided to release it through Arrest.

What is it like working with Arrest?

It’s been Awesome. They have given us the opportunity to put our EP out and to tour with some sick bands. They are helping out heaps of upcoming acts and giving them a chance when the bigger labels won’t. Greg isn’t in it for the money, and is there to genuinely help them out.

In October/November you will be hitting the road with label mates Vanity, this will be your first national tour correct?

We did a few days in Brisbane with Fires Of Waco about 3 months ago, but this is our first real tour. To be honest I hadn’t heard Vanity before but I checked out their record a few weeks ago. I’m psyched to play all these shows with them.

What are you looking forward to the most about the tour?

Well playing shows to different crowds in different states is the main thing I’m looking forward to. Alongside some food joints NSW lack and seeing bands play of course.

Some of the shows on the tour feature an impressive list of local bands including Confession, Legions, Headaches, Fires Of Waco and others. Is there any band in particular that you are keen to check out?

Pretty much every band we are playing with I am excited to see so it’s hard to say. Probably have to be between Milestones, Headaches and Fires of Waco.

What is it like for the band being located in Wollongong?

Pretty shit, there is a lack of venues (both all ages and 18+), however there are definitely people down here that like hardcore. Local shows are few and far between but it’s fun when you get the change to play with all of your best friends.

Has the band been working on any new material as of late?

Yeah we've been playing a new song at a few shows lately. Hopefully we can record a demo with it soon.

What do you spend most of your time doing away from the band?


Do you have any goals you would like to achieve with this band?

I can’t wait to do another release. Josh our bass player is going back over to the UK at the end of the year for while, so that will give the three of us a chance to continue writing for an album hopefully.

What are your favorite records that have been released so far in 2010?

Transit - Keep This To Yourself

The Wonder Years – The Upsides

Norma Jean - Meridional

Grown Ups - More Songs

Mary Jane Kelly - Like There’s No Tomorrow

What are the band’s plans for the rest of the year after the tour with Vanity?

I really have no idea we've just been looking forward to this tour so much that we haven't really thought about it but to hopefully play a few shows here and there but mainly writing new songs for another release.

Thanks for doing the interview, any last words or shout outs?

No worries. Check out Fixtures, Endless Heights, Vanity, Fires Of Waco, Legions, Mary Jane Kelly, Headaches, Fires Of Waco and Milestones.