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Mojo Burning Festival Focus: Born Lion

2 March 2016 | 9:41 am | Artist Submission

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Act name: Born Lion

Answered by (name and role): John Bowker — singer/guitarist

What's your favourite thing about the blues/roots/rock/stoner scene? The sense of community. The music is also quite pleasant to my ears.

What's the most rock'n'roll thing that's every happened to you?  Hmmmm probably crowd surfing at Brighton Up Bar in Sydney and almost being thrown down the stairwell in the middle of the room.

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What's your dream rider? Any rider is a dream rider.

Which other bands at Mojo Burning are you keen to check out?  The Lazy, The Fumes, Jackson Firebird... heaps of awesome bands playing.

What can we expect from your set at Mojo Burning? Sweat... heaps of sweat... heaps of mad riffs... blood.

What time and stage will you be playing at Mojo Burning? All Killer Stage 9:10 - 9:50pm