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Melbourne Fringe: Peta And The Whale

14 September 2015 | 12:11 pm | Staff Writer

"I'm fascinated with the amazing huge creatures in the ocean, particularly the great whales. The ocean defines our planet. The creatures within the ocean face enormous challenges from humanity's urge to conquer and plunder the natural world.
Peta And The Whale
tells the story of a little girl fascinated with the creatures of the deep and her relationship with her sailor grandfather. His history of conquest and peril on the sea contrasts with Peta's optimistic vision for all life in the ocean.

"The history of human interaction with these magnificent creatures has been bloody but our relationship has been changing in a positive way. I think the story of the demise of the whaling industry and the mindset which propels it mirrors our current reliance on energy sources which are destructive and finite. For Peta, whaling is a dark part of history. Her positive vision for the future is required."

Puppetvision, which aims to produce distinctive puppet productions designed to offer visually exciting stories, presented a work-in-progress version of Peta And The Whale earlier this year at the Melbourne Festival Of Puppetry at La Mama, but the show has evolved to incorporate large puppets, a layered soundscape and projection.

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"Our shows are defined by sophisticated puppetry, and high production values for family audiences. Peta And The Whale gives a childlike perspective on a challenging and difficult part of our recent history, the history of our attempts to conquer the ocean."

What: Peta And The Whale

When & Where: 22 Sep — 3 Oct, Rehearsal Room, North Melbourne Town Hall, Arts House