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Melbourne Fringe: Loani Arman

15 September 2015 | 2:50 pm | Staff Writer

Bling On A String

Fashion tampons into earrings; tie them together to make a show-stopping necklace; or weave them into a wreath for that on-trend boho look. The colour scheme can be red or white — so versatile. Don't worry if the weather's looking like rain: tampons are super absorbent.

Panty Liner Notes

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Forgot to buy milk again? You need to write yourself a reminder note. Take a panty liner, write "Buy milk" on it, peel the adhesive backing off, stick it to the fridge and problem solved. If you plan on wearing the pad after you've written your note, then you may encounter some ink transference where it's not wanted. This shouldn't be a problem if your note is "I love you" — however, "Buy cat food" and "Call your mum" appearing on your vagina might be a buzz kill in romantic settings.

Sanitary Pad Slippers

Been a while since you took a holiday? Miss the luxury of a hotel? You can have that back in a few simple steps. Take some maxi pads, stick them to the souls of your feet and like a genius, you've made yourself some hotel slippers. Don't be surprised if you start to stick hundreds of pads together to make yourself a hotel robe, too.

Menstrual Cup Shots

Combat PMS and period pains by doing some fun party shots from your menstrual cup. Give it a rinse, then fill it up with a "Bloody Mary" shot to really celebrate that period theme! Red jelly vodka shots would also go down a treat.

What: Loani Arman: Period

When & Where: 26 Sep — 4 Oct, The Dock, Courthouse Hotel