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Melbourne Fringe Focus: Pose Band

14 September 2015 | 2:18 pm | Artist Submission

Answered by: Rebecca Jensen

Describe your show in a tweet: Alongside aura exchange, expressive scarf-dancing and live cloning, iridescent unison and photogenic dances unfold over and over, each time slightly different.

Why did you decide to do Fringe 2015? Pose Band continues the momentum after a sold out season of OVERWORLD with Sarah Aiken at Dance Massive 2015. It's a work about the present as we zoom toward a somewhat daunting near-future. Our perception of time is shifting and attention spans decreasing. Pose Band reminds us how influenced we are by what we see and how we label what we see. We are saturated and there is no such thing as doing nothing, everything is multiplied instantaneously without a concern with what might be lost in the process of replication: meaning, auras and value. Jpegs are deteriorating; humans are blurring out of focus and becoming bionic!

Tell us a bit about the creative team working on the project: The ensemble of 13 performers was selected using "whoever technique" via a Facebook callout as were most of the show's props and costumes. The callout resulted in an unforeseen combination of dancers, a curator, a designer, visual artists and an actor, each bringing something different to the work. Pose Band looks at social sensibilities, how individuals from different backgrounds operate in groups, form community and transmit information to one another outside of language.

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In a fantasy world, who would you be the love child of and why? Sun Ra, David Byrne and Trisha Brown. Cult, cosmos, big suits, art-rock, collaboration, postmodernism, release technique, Set And Reset.

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When & Where: 29 Sep — 3 Oct, Studio 2, Northcote Town Hall