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Melbourne Fringe: Boys Boys Boys

14 September 2015 | 1:20 pm | Staff Writer

Really though, there's a lot more to it. "It's really about how the stories unfold. I'm pretty sentimental and most items that I own or hold onto for long periods of time are the ones that have a great story (or emotion rather) attached to it. I've clearly been specific when choosing the moments to retell, and when you condense all the stories and tell them one after the other, I think it makes for an entertaining story."

Nico has been lucky enough to brainstorm ideas with the "cabaret power couple" Melissa Langton and Mark Jones, who share nine Green Room Awards for cabaret between them. "Mark has taught me a lot about musicality and how to change the mood or the direction of the story just by changing the tempo, or slightly rearranging the music. Melissa has taught me a lot about stage presence, telling the story, and technique. Both of them together have helped me turn the show into a production and figure out what works and what doesn't work."

As a music theatre graduate, a big challenge for Nico was trying to avoid the "music theatre trap, where the entire show has a beginning, middle and an end — 'a mini musical'. The stories then become over the top, unrealistic, and full of cheap laughs. You don't need to state the obvious."

Having taken part in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival earlier this year, Nico is feeling optimistic about this Melbourne Fringe — ­ her first. "I think festivals are a great platform for any producer, artist, writer. They provide you with tools that teach you how to turn your art into a business."

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What: Boys Boys Boys

When & Where: 22 - 26 Sep, The Wilde