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Melbourne Fringe: Asian Ghost-ery Store

14 September 2015 | 5:05 pm | Staff Writer

Lim's show revolves around Asian-Australian identity, but makes its point in a comical way. Lim admits that his characters might "miss the point of what they are doing at times".

"The characters are versions of myself and Vidya Rajan, who co-wrote and performs with me. So that part's easy. Asian Ghost-ery Store came about because I think people suppose that two Asian artists working together might want to make work about culture and race. We do. But sometimes we are nothing more than frivolous and self-involved, like everybody. We didn't have a fixed idea of how Asian Ghost-ery Store would turn out. So it's ended up somewhere between a play and a comedy act."

Lim and Rajan are both involved in Only The Human, a young comedic ensemble from Perth, and Lim acknowledges a lot of Asian Ghost-ery Store's aesthetic and humour stems from their work with the group. As they're based in different cities, it was a challenge for Lim and Rajan to compile everything for the show. "The trickiest part is arranging time to write and rehearse together in the same room. There was a lot of online messaging and cutting and pasting things from the internet, and I'd say that comes across in the show."

Despite only being "Fringe babies", both Lim and Rajan are already planning on performing at more festivals, and they'll be drawing inspiration from a number of other performances from Melbourne Fringe this year in the process. "Balls Deep. Erotic physical comedy? That sounds like everything I'm interested in."

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What: Asian Ghost-ery Store

When & Where: 18 — 25 Sep, Upstairs At Errol's