Meatstock Butcher Wars Focus: Steffanie Bussey

11 February 2016 | 2:00 pm | Artist Submission

Answered by: Steffanie Bussey

How did you get into the butcher business? Being a chef for most of my life I wanted a new challenge. Butchery was something I was always interested in but never had the opportunity back home in the US. After moving to Australia I found an opportunity with a really great shop and decided to take a chance.

If you had to choose, what would be your favourite cut of meat and why? My go-to is rib eye, it's the perfect steak. But for a special occasion, beef cheeks, braised in Barollo with smoked garlic.

What will make you the winner at the Butcher Wars? This is my first competition in butchery, so I'm going to give it my all. I'm hoping my background in culinary might give me a bit of a creative edge. As for preparing, I go to work every day and cut meat!

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Which bands/artists are you keen to catch at Meatstock? I'm really looking forward to Roy Rose!! I love his sound.

What else are you looking forward to at Meatstock? Well, I'm American, so obviously I'm looking for some good ol' BBQ, a bit of home. But I'd love to see the Aussie take on BBQ, and whatever else these wonderful geniuses come up with. The possibilities are endless.