Launch Pad: Scalphunter

5 July 2012 | 12:00 pm | Staff Writer

Get to know Scalphunter a little more.

Give a brief rundown of the history of your act from day one to now: Scalphunter began in 2009 when Steve (Vocals/guitar) and I de cided that after a few years of travelling and not playing shows it was time to start up again. We called in some mates from other bands (Steve from Drunk In Japan and Tristan from Chainsaw Hookers) and started to jam and write songs. In 2010 we were up and gigging and recorded and released our first EP in early 2011. Matt joined us on bass in mid-2011 and we really started knuckling down to write and record this EP. Tristan moved on to other things this year after we recorded the EP and we were lucky to convince Ash, who plays with Matt in Them Orphans, to drum for us. Scalphunter are now stronger and tighter than ever and getting set to launch the EP around the country in 2012.

Tell us about your release: The recording is actually eight tracks but since its only 13 minutes long we are calling it an EP. We decided to name it after the final track, Get On Board With Self Destruction.

How did you go about recording it? We recorded at Bergerk! with Al Smith in January and did it all in under five days. It's always great to record with Al, and because we have all been in before and we knew what to expect and how to approach the recording, so were able to capture more of the live shows energy on the EP which was a goal for us.

Tell us about your launch party: We are launching it over two nights, the first is Friday 13July at Amplifier Bar with Grim Fandango, The Blazin' Entrails, FAIM and The Shakeys. Then we are heading to Bunbury the following day to play the Prince Of Wales with our Perth buddies The Decline and local boys Nighthawker and Fumar Mota.

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What's next for your act? With our now solid line-up we plan to take the EP over east later in the year, as well as head back to Indonesia to play some shows early in the new year.