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Nu Metal Killers, Men In Black & More: The 'Last Podcast On The Left' Team On Their Fave Eps

It's a very strange world out there.

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The Last Podcast On The Left team are kicking off their Australian live shows next week. With their hundreds of episodes exploring the weirdest true crime stories, cult history and reported conspiracy theories, their live shows are certainly set to deliver. 

Ahead of the tour, we've asked podcast hosts Ben Kissel, Marcus Parks and Henry Zebrowski to share their favourite episodes. Check them out below.

Marcus Parks

Jonestown - episodes 300-305
Our ten hour series on Jonestown shows the birth and death of both a cult and a cult leader and tries to answer, like everything on Jonestown does, just how over 900 people ended up dead in a single day at the hands of Jim Jones.

Norwegian Black Metal - episodes 285-287
This tells the story of the band Mayhem and the three deaths surrounding the most metal band in existence.

Oklahoma City - episodes 274-277
The story of Timothy McVeigh and the white supremacists who helped him along the road to the Oklahoma City bombings of 1994 is absolutely fascinating, unfortunately very American, and doubly unfortunate for how relevant it still is today. 

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David Bowie & The Occult - episode 208
Immediately after Bowie died, we did an episode about Bowie's occult leanings, which started way back with Hunky Dory and continued until his last album, Blackstar, which may or may not have been an occult ritual unto itself. It was at the very least a fun eulogy. 

Josef Mengele - episodes 348-350
This is the story of Josef Mengele aka the Angel Of Death, who killed hundreds, if not thousands of people in the Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II. In telling Josef's horrible story though, we were able to tell the story of Auschwitz itself, as well as the Nazi hunters who took the bastards down decades after. 

Henry Zebrowski

Aum Skinrikyo - episode 218-221
Most dangerous cult of all time.

Carl Panzram - episode 271-273
A serial killer who was shaped by our prison system and wreaked havoc on the entire world.

Men In Black - episode 323-325
The best collection of high strangeness stories in our lexicon.

Rasputin - episode 310-313
A deep dive into the man, myth and legend. 

Rendlsham UFO Incident - episode 366-367
The most real UFO story we have covered in the history of the podcast.

Ben Kissel

9/11 Part One - episode 189
This episode captures the devastation of that day while intertwining a compelling narrative. Some portions of these episodes are extremely difficult to listen to but it’s important to understand the true horror of 9/11/2001.

Richard Chase - episodes 245-246
This episode peaks into mind of seriously mentally ill man who became the Dracula Of Sacramento. The heinous acts committed by Chase are a great reminder to take your mental health seriously and if need be, seek help!

Israel Keyes - episodes 362-364
This episode dismantles the myth that Keyes was a criminal mastermind when in reality he’s just a slack jawed moron like the rest of 'em.

Mark Twitchell - episodes 346-347
Twitchell is a prime example of someone putting their ego ahead of talent. He’s a complete failure at everything he touched, yet believed he was amazing. It’s a great reminder that you must work hard to be successful.

Chris Benoit - episode 265
This episode is a sad reminder what drug, alcohol and steroid abuse can do you a person's mind. Combine those things with the head damage Benoit received while wrestling and you have truly tragic tale of terror.

Last Podcast On The Left's tour kicks off in Perth on 23 June and will then visit Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. For all the info on dates, venues and tickets, head to theGuide.

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