European Vacation: Part 1

15 May 2012 | 2:15 pm | Last Dinosaurs

There's no better way for Aussiues to start a European tour than by teaching Japanese band 8otto to say "Let's get fucked up".

So far we've had an amazing first few days in the UK. We spent the first few days in Brighton for the Great Escape festival. First show of the tour was at a venue on the seaside. After struggling to find it we stopped and asked some guys for directions, turns out they were a french band called La Femme who were playing on the same bill as us. They were really funny and extremely confident, like characters straight out of the French film Subway... very cool. We had two shows that day, both went down a treat! Yukon Blonde (who we had previously played with at No Years festival) were playing at the second show with us, so it was a great opportunity to catch up with them and check out their amazing live show again!

Last Dinosaurs's beach view

Most of our down time was spent checking out the sights and seeing some otherbands that were playing at the festival. While hanging outside our hotel a band pulled up in their van that we immediately recognised. They were a japanese band called 8otto that Sean and Dan had been listening to since high school. We went up and introduced ourselves to them and found out when and where they were playing. On our way to watch them play we got lost among all the little lanes and alley ways, unfortunately we ended up just missing their set. They had hung around to watch the other bands so we were still able to meet up with them. After exchanging pleasantries we taught them how to say "let's get fucked up" and found the nearest bar for some tequila shots.

Last Dinosaurs hanging

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We are now in London to meet people from our label here, Fiction. We've already played some football in a park, watched the last day of the Premier league, been to the Camden markets and been assaulted by a stranger on the street. Now we are heading to our first gig with Electric Guest.