Keli Holiday Talks Debut Album Co-writers: 'A Mind Made Of Magic'

8 April 2022 | 12:32 pm | Keli Holiday

To celebrate the release of his debut album, ‘KELI’, Keli Holiday, aka Peking Duk’s Adam Hyde, shares insight into the impressive list of co-writers who helped bring it to life.

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Kim Moyes

There's only one Kim Moyes in this world and I don't think the world could handle more than one. This is a dude I've looked up to my whole life in music and to be able to have him produce my debut record was a slice of heaven. He's got a twisted sense of humour just like me so most of the sessions were us saying bizarre words and talking about how fucked the world is but beyond that we really made these songs shine. I love this lad and never won't. 

Alex Lahey - where you feel 

Alex is a truly magnetic person... a ray of sunshine with an incredible talent for writing dope music. Check her catalogue and that says it all. She just gets it. where you feel came out of us almost too easily - nothing was forced we just had fun and let the song take the reigns with Tony Buchen smashing that bass guitar. A pleasure to be able to work alongside such a legend. 

Johnny Took - off my mind

Johnny is such a diamond of a dude and when he picks up the guitar it takes you away every time. A true talent in every sense of the word and what he brought to this tune took it to the next level and beyond. Tooky for president.

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Nathaniel Motte - rollercoaster eyes

Nat is hands down the funniest dude I know. A fucking legend beyond words. He has done so much great work but beyond that he truly is a golden-hearted man. He bought me a pair of sneakers for my birthday cos I commented on his. We've created so many characters in the studio that we might just have to drop an album of narration. We've written a lot more music together and we can't wait to share with the world.

Nicky Nightime - human nature

Nicky is my brother that I'll always love. We've done so much together and written so much music that it never feels like we're working. It's always creating and exploring and I love that about Nicky. He's a true genius but will never say it. Stoked to have done this one with him and we have many more!

Tim Randolph - we don't have to know

Tim is a one-in-a-trillion off-the-wall genius. His way of working is truly a spectacle. He is wildstyle yet so confined it's an art form to just witness. A true king.

Tony Buchen - where you feel

Tony is a freak of nature with production and getting ideas out. Such an upbeat smart dude with a heart of gold. A true master. I really want to do a lot more with him as I feel he has a knack for bringing the best out in people creatively and I love that. 

Phoebe Ryan - picnic

Phoebe is a heaven-sent angel with a mind made of magic.

Benson - better

Benson and I lived together when we wrote this - we never planned to write it I was just strumming the guitar in my bedroom and he came upstairs and started riffing ideas with me. Benson is my brother forever. The fucking best.

Jon Hume - corolla

Jon is a super talent and a true sweetheart. We initially wrote this one as more of an electronic tune but once I revisited I realised it felt better lending itself to a more guitar-driven bed so I flipped it and sent it over and we both agreed it was the move. Jon is a king and I definitely want to jam some more with him!

KELI is out now via Sony Music Entertainment Australia.