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Kazu Kimura: Euro Vision.

27 January 2003 | 1:00 am | Paul Rankin
Originally Appeared In

Game Set Scratch.

Kazu Kimura plays Technoteque at the Underground Bar this Saturday night

Local legend Kazu Kimura is a bit of a lucky fellow. Not only does the man tour the world     regularly spinning his tunes, but he’s recently started to incorporate the Final Scratch technologies into his stage show. This is the same kit that’s been championed by DJ Craze and Richie Hawtin (aka Plasticman). On top of this he’s fond the time to be a dad, and to release some solid tunes on Chris Liebings dark and hard German CLR record imprint, alongside Ben Sims, Ada Beyer and Chris himself. And at the end of the day Kazu still calls Brisbane home….

How do you find releasing on Chris Liebings CLR imprint? Have you had a good response to your track, and who's playing it?

"Chris told me it's been going very well, at first pressed 3000 copies on vinyl and they all went out in three weeks, and then they re pressed but I don't know how many. It has been played some by high profile DJs (Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin etc) just on the promo copy, and it has been on the European techno DJs chats as well as good reviews from some mags, and now I'm doing the next one for CLR."

Describe the Final Scratch technology you'll be using at Technoteque on Saturday night, and how it enhances/transforms your sets?

"It's like playing digital for analogue way, and you can play like normal records, can scratch or anything you can do, but you are playing music file from the pc using with special FS vinyl and FS AMP with normal turntables and any DJ mixer. If you like to know more go to or come out Sat night. The thing is using FS is just playing like normal vinyl but it's great that you can put so many tracks in your pc so playing time is almost endless. I will spin three decks on the night include using 2 FSs vinyls and a normal records."

What's the plan for Kazu Kimura in 2003? World domination not far off?

“I’d like to put one more production out, I want to release six to seven 12"s at least and some remix work for the other producers, because I did some remix work for DJ Chris Zander from Planet Vision Records in Germany and I enjoyed it so much. Also I’ll try to play as many gigs here as well as more overseas gigs in places I haven’t been before.”