Katey Steele

19 December 2015 | 12:18 pm | Bob Gordon

What you been working on lately?

I've been working on my solo debut. It’s currently getting mastered and all finished up so I’m feeling very excited, being so close to finally releasing something. 

So what it's like? 

I’d say it’s my most produced work to date. I’ve taken my time with my solo release on purpose, as I really wanted my first offering to the world to be right. It’s very rhythmic and heavily based around real, raw and organic percussion. I co-produced the whole thing in Perth at RADA Studios with Matt Gio (Troye Sivan, San Cisco, Birds Of Tokyo, Abbe May) and we spent a whole year getting the right aesthetic. 

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What are your plans release-wise and in general for 2016? 

Should be dropping the first single in January. 

What can people expect from your show at Jack Rabbit Slim's on Friday?

This show is a full band show featuring my new band which is Sam Maher on drums (ex- Methyl Ethel) and Stephen Callan (ex-Panda Band) on Moog and samples. I’ll be playing my whole unreleased album which will be exciting. The show is very colourful sonically and we will hopefully take the audience somewhere else for an hour.

Originally published in X-Press Magazine