Jess Hitchcock Goes Track-By-Track On 'Unbreakable'

3 July 2023 | 3:27 pm | Staff Writer

Jess Hitchcock explains what "can shape you to become the Unbreakable people we are today."

Jess Hitchcock

Jess Hitchcock (Credit: Tessa Thames)

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Days Are Long

Life can sometimes feel short, but with long hard days in between, this song is about always wanting to learn and understand more about the world we live in. Embracing the time we have on this planet and still be surprised by what life has to offer.

Soak To My Bones

Everyone carries around baggage with them, and sometimes it can really way a person down. Soak To My Bones is about the baggage we carry and never wanting to pass that along to anyone. It can become a barrier that we create around ourselves so we don’t get hurt again, but underneath it all there is still beauty.

On My Own

On My Own is really a song about being brave. It’s about leaving a toxic relationship and finding a new path for yourself. In my mind the character in the story has children, and they are leaving to protect them, but it's just as much about protecting oneself as well. Never ignoring the signs in front of you and always loving yourself first.

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Regret can eat away at your soul, and Basement is definitely that part of my soul that keeps me up at night. It’s about the choices you make when you are younger that drastically affect your future and the future of those around you.

Not A Warzone

We all have mentors in our lives, and I myself have had many amazing people guide me over the years. Not a warzone is a love letter to them, but also a statement about being grateful for the path they have created for the younger generations, but also wanting to find my own path through it all.

Homeward Bound

This is a song about going back to a place you called home and reclaiming it as such, even after all the craziness that went down there during your youth. Places hold such an important part in our lives and can conjure up all sorts of memories good and bad, Homeward Bound is about replacing those bad memories with good ones so you enjoy the beauty of the landscape once again.

I Don’t Have The Heart

This is the only song on the album I didn’t write but felt an instant connection to it when I heard it. It’s about courage when it's needed but also about empathy in a way. Falling out of love with someone, and admitting that to yourself and to them can be one of the most difficult and courageous things we ever do in our lives.

Will Not Let Them Win

As we grow up we are told so many fairytales I was a huge romantic, always fantasising about the prince who comes to save you, but I slowly realised I am the hero of my own story, and I was the only person going to save myself. It’s about overcoming generational trauma, and being the break in the link so it doesn’t get passed along to any further generations. Never let the actions and words of others get under your skin, we are each stronger and more capable than we ever realise.

Baden’s Song

My baby brother Baden is the youngest of six siblings and the only boy. I have watched him turn into a man who is kind-hearted, always hungry for knowledge and adventure and more than any of that he is a beautiful creative soul. This song is about his life as a dancer but also about his re-connecting with culture and his genuine want to share and collaborate with people from around the globe.


Unbreakable is about overcoming childhood trauma through music and finding a way to voice what you want to say through songs. It’s also a love letter to my gorgeous friend Piper and all the young women I work with, that through music you can find healing as I did, and I hope that they can too. The actions of your youth don’t define you, but they can shape you to become the Unbreakable people we are today.

Unbreakable is out now. You can order the album here or listen below.