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3 April 2012 | 8:09 am | Staff Writer

Your music is…?

Post-progressive 'tree'-core

Which acts inspired you to produce your own music and why?

Artists that really commit to their vision, that disregard industry trends and avoid conformity. Over many years, artists including Mogwai, Tool, Jakob, The Dirty Three, Meshuggah and Devin Townsend are a few that have really shocked, surprised and confused me.

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What's your wildest ambition for your music?

We are in current negotiations to launch our latest album, Tree Of The Seas, at the Melbourne Aquarium. Following this we hope to be taking the album on an intergalactic space tour through the stratosphere in search of other lifeforms we can launch the album to. 

Why should we come and see you?

We are touring to celebrate the release of Tree Of The Seas, which we are all very proud of. For anyone who enjoys something unusual, diverse and evocative, you should come and see Jarek. 

How do you find the local live scene?

Sydney has proven a tough nut to crack on past experience, but it seems that there is a strong community of the post-rock/progressive/experimental types, so we are all really excited and optimistic.

What's your greatest rock'n'roll moment?

Our colourful guitarist, Brett Cusack, has an electro-rock outfit called Megalove. At one show we all watched him climb up onto a table for a guitar solo, before falling off and bringing the table and dozens of glasses crashing to the floor. Brett was immediately kicked off stage and received a life ban from the venue. 

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We'll be playing at The Phoenix Pub in Canberra on Wednesday 4 April, The Patch in Wollongong on Thursday 5, the Bald Faced Stag on Saturday 7 and The Annandale Hotel on Sunday 8.