Laughing in the air tonight

23 April 2012 | 4:58 pm | Dave Drayton

Umbilical Brothers' David Collins and Paul Ayre team up for a space-comedy

You may know David Collins as one half  of the Umbilical Brothers, and according to him, it's going to make things a little complicated when he rockets into town alongside Paul Ayre for their show, In The Air Tonight. “I just hope I remember what show I'm in!” Collins jokes. “I do two Umbi shows in London... fly to Holland and do a completely different Umbi show... then jump in a van and tour around Holland with a completely different show, then fly to Australia and walk straight onto stage to perform this one. That's four different shows in three weeks.” He does the math, “I hope Paul excuses me if my brain farts and I pick up an imaginary chainsaw and try to cut his head off.

“The initial appeal of doing the show was hilarity,” says Collins; hilarity was then coupled with serendipity. “Paul had told me his idea for a show with two guys stuck in space for the rest of their lives with only Phil Collins music for company. While passing the brilliant tour promoter Paul Dainty backstage I asked him if he knew Phil. 'I was at his wedding' was his response. I immediately rang Paul Arye and asked him to write the show. You can't ignore signs like that in your life.”

In The Air Tonight performs Tuesday 1 May to Sunday 20 (excluding Wednesday 2, Monday 7, and Monday 14). Click here to purchase tickets.