Have You Heard: Silas And The Seasons

1 August 2012 | 2:00 am | Staff Writer

A brief chat with Silas And The Seasons.

“We started playing together a few months ago, originally as a two-piece, but sort of expanded into playing with a live drummer and live bass player,” Gough says of the group's recent (few-week-long) live hiatus – taken to help “sort our set-up and… general organisation of the band out” – “but we do [still] play the occasional show as a two-piece.

“We have Andy, who writes the beats and plays synth, and Andrew – 'Fred' – on synth, trumpet and vocals. Our idea for the band was inspired when we started getting into electronic music, hearing bands like Mount Kimbie, Oscar + Martin and James Blake. We combine a fusion of jazz and electronic music; often quite dark when we play as a two-piece and a bit more poppy when we are a full band.”

Their impending appearance at Black Bear Lodge seems to be celebratory on a couple of fronts, then – both for the venue's birthday and for the appearance of the band's expanded line-up – and Gough exudes palpable excitement for the opportunity.

“I think our sound really suits the venue and the crowd and organisers really seemed to dig our stuff [the band played there previously with Moses Gunn Collective],” he says. “Plus, Black Bear is one of the grooviest places in Brisbane; they are open to different genres and some amazing music.

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“We are looking forward to playing with our new drummer and bass player, and it's always good to play a fun night like this after taking a break from shows.”

The band have just finished work on a new single, with plans to release in August or September alongside more shows, at which “you can expect to see some old-school analog synths, MIDI cables, super-effected trumpet, and minimal stage talk, 'cos we get scared,” Gough says.