Have You Heard: BOADZ

11 March 2016 | 3:21 pm | Artist Submission

When did you start making music and why? I starting guitaring when I was nine because I thought (and still think) it's the most badarse thing a person can do.

Sum up your musical sound in four words? Contemporary blues folk country

If you could only listen to one album forevermore, what would it be and why? Probably The Complete Robert Johnson, because I can't imagine a time when I'd ever not want to hear any of his tracks...

Greatest rock'n'roll moment of your career to date? Any time I've played a gig to a packed room of engaged listeners... and finished the performance knowing I gave them a real show. Nothing is better.

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Why should people come and see your band? Modern compositions informed by the greatest music of the 20th century. Musicality and technical virtuosity of an uncommonly high level.

When and where for your next gig? 24 Mar at 303 — the Thursday before Good Friday. Every Robert Johnson song, from 8pm.

Website link for more info? facebook.com/boadzblues