Have You Been To: On The Grid

18 November 2015 | 10:22 am | Artist Submission

Name: Lewis Chase

The Event: On The Grid: Melbourne's New Pop-Up Gig

Why should punters visit you? Intimate performances in unusual spaces, we pride ourselves on creating a unique atmosphere with each event we organise. This city is famous for its music culture and hidden spots, we're simply bringing them together.

What’s the history of the event? On The Grid is brand new, launching this month - our event history is just starting and we're very excited.

Any advice for first timers who want to visit the event? We're all about creating a place where you'll be close to your favourite bands, a memorable experience in a unique environment. 

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Do you have any plans for the event in the future? This event will be ever-changing; the next event might be a hip-hop night in a shed, a folk band on the beach or a night of reggae on a rooftop. There's always room for live music in Melbourne.

When and where for your next event? Our launch event is November 28 at Scratch Warehouse, North Melbourne - two minutes from Macaulay Railway Station.

Website link for more info?: http://onthegrid.eventbrite.com.au