Six Pack: Green Nose

11 April 2012 | 12:13 pm | Benny Doyle

Local 8-bit hero Hayato Yoshinari, aka Green Nose, is a man of many guises and talents.

“Green Nose is who I am when I'm producing beats and tracks,” Yoshinari clears up. “Potato Masta for me now is more of a rap/ragga/comical act. Trackmaker is another name I DJ as too. I'm ADHD so I can't sit down in the same place for a long time.”

Behind the controls of a Roland SP-404, Brisbane's adopted Japanese son runs effects and twists sounds with undeniable individuality. His glitchy, fun electronica doesn't simply tip its hat to video games of years past – it makes you feel like you're bouncing around the levels yourself. Which leads us to the million-pixel question – Nintendo or Sega?

“I don't know? Mario was way before Sonic, but that's a really hard question,” Yoshinari reasons. “I've never owned a Sega in my life so I'm more familiar with Nintendo, but to be honest I love both of them, both are amazing. I really love Golden Axe from Sega, though.”

As part of community broadcaster 4ZZZ's YTH UNDRGRND, Green Nose has a poignant message to all the kids before they get their groove on. But, although it's directed at the younger generation, it talks to the masses.

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“For the youth of today,” Yoshinari starts, “music not only comes from triple j or Big Day Out or famous people or the highest viewed YouTube videos. Music is everywhere; famous or not famous; good or bad; local or international. So open up your mind, widen it, then please enjoy the moment and not just enjoy the commercial stuff. Actually, that goes for anybody, youth or not.”