Good Or Shit: Oooh Ooh Ooh, Matt Corby

1 May 2012 | 2:59 pm | Liz Galinovic

Matt Corby: one hit wonder or king of the oooh ooh oohs?

Late one somewhat recent night, in a maxi-taxi, I had an argument with a few people about Matt Corby. The young Australian singer/songwriter who came to fame through Australian Idol back in 2007 and is now better known for the alternative folk track with the really catchy oooh-ooh-ooh's in it called Brother. Corby, according to my friends in the maxi-taxi, had written a catchy tune that radio stations had since over-played and now had a lot to live up to. They felt that the young wimp-ish looking Corby reeked of one-hit-wonderism and the hit wasn't even enjoyable, it was annoying. Then they all proceeded to launch into mocking renditions of the oooh-ooh-ooh's.

Personally I couldn't care less if the guy is a one hit wonder. Up until I managed to thrash Brother to the point that I could no longer stand to hear it, I had once really liked it. The gravelly vocals and rolling drums moreso than the oooh-ooh-ooh's. And I don't need ten hits to be able to enjoy one. If you can produce several hits, then good for you but if you only make one, well, at least you did that. People might not remember your name but they'll remember your song and you'll make royalties. There's a win in there somewhere, right?

Even if Brother did turn out to be Corby's only hit, I'm not sure it would have the staying power of a one hit wonder. I can't imagine that in ten years' time this track would come on at the pub and crowds would guiltlessly rejoice as those ooooh-ooh-ooh's rang out across the carpet. Not like Tainted Love, Come On Eileen or Who Let the Dogs Out (why do people still play Who Let the Dogs Out? WHY? WHY?).

I bought Corby's Into The Flame EP - his fourth EP release since 2009 – and was pleasantly surprised. These days I skip right over Brother (that song is so annoying) and go for the bluesy Soul's Afire and the melodic Untitled, the latter of which has a whole new set of oooh's. And it's good. It's a good EP. What I want to know is how come he only seems to be able to write four songs a year? Write an album, you lazy bum.

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I respect the opinion of my maxi-taxi friends, I even agree with them when it comes to Corby's uncharismatic I'm-a-shy-and-unassuming-hippy-dude-persona. Borrrr-innng. But his music's not boring and international record labels Atlantic and Elektra have sensed more than one hit in Corby and that's why they've signed him up for some US and UK market fun times. If people actually go beyond just listening to Brother Corby might make a few more hits out of his EPs.